H. Katz Capital Group is a private equity firm formed by entrepreneur Harold Katz, to acquire businesses and provide funding to a wide range of companies.

Our primary goal is to respond quickly to opportunities by providing investment leadership, management support and creative financial structuring. Our mission is to seek unique product/market potential, talented and committed management teams, and the opportunity for financial rewards commensurate with the risk. We respond quickly to each investment opportunity and have the ability to proceed swiftly to complete a transaction.

H. Katz Capital Group has specialized interests in the consumer service industry (such as restaurants) and franchising companies. The Group does not limit investment to particular industries or to geographic locations. Investments in businesses at various stages of development, including buyouts and situations that require reorganization.

H. Katz Capital Group also invests in multi-unit housing projects. It actively seeks investments in multi-family market rate and student housing communities.

H. Katz Capital Group strives to provide a solid level of confidence and support to advance the aspirations of ownership and management.

H. Katz Capital Group believes that investing requires patience as well as foresight, individual leadership as well as partnership. Honest communication in an atmosphere of mutual respect sets the parameters for business relationships. H. Katz Capital Group views the companies in which it invests as partners, working together to build a management team with the skills and commitment necessary to develop significant companies. Our ongoing involvement is as active board members working with management on strategic and financial matters and assisting in those other areas in which we have expertise.

Our philosophy of investing with management as working as partners provides management in both a substantial ownership stake and the day-to-day operating autonomy needed to maximize the value of that ownership.